Mac Tech SA aligns itself with companies that are influential in the Apple industry in South Africa, as well as companies that are driven to developing skills within the local communities. As such, here is a little hall-of-fame of our existing partners. Remember, if you would like to be associated with this platform in ANY way, download our Mac Tech SA Heroes brochure to learn about becoming a sponsor.

Parklands College

We provide quality education from Pre-Primary to Grade 12.

The privilege of parenthood brings with it the responsibility of planning for the future of our children. Difficult decisions must often be made, with the only guideline being the fact that whatever choices we make, our children deserve only the best. At home, we ensure that the values we instil equip them for the future. It is, however, the time they spend with others – educators and friends that concern us most, for they are beyond our control.

This is why the choice of a place or learning is possibly the most important decision any parent can make, as this decision will ultimately affect a learner’s ability to succeed in life. At Parklands College, we offer complete peace of mind, not only preparing the child academically but also emotionally, socially, morally and physically, in preparation for life’s challenges.

Gasoline Graphics

We are a full service Graphic Design Studio staffed with 3 qualified Designers proficient on Windows and Mac platforms. Our focus is on logo and business card design for small businesses, start-ups and individuals that need creative input or graphic services. We offer many years’ experience in a vast range of printing services including Lithographic,
Screenprinting and Digital with quick turn-around times and competitive pricing.

Our knowledge and experience allow us to deliver a fast, friendly and professional service while creating lasting relationships with our clients.

ACT Productions

ACT Productions are the developers of amazing OS X apps, including a Mac Tech SA-reviewed app, Clockwise.

Multiple Attachments

From Developer, Jan Mazurczak, Multiple Attachments is an amazing iOS app allowing the seamless addition of multiple attachments to any email.

Wireless Wipes

Do you actually know what's lurking on your iPhone? Scientists believe that one in four mobile devices has traces of fecal matter- who's complaining about crap reception now?

WirelessWipes were born after 2 years of extensive R&D to create the safest, portable, cleaning solution for all your electronic devices; including Retina displays, MacBooks, iPads and pretty much anything with an ON button.

WirelessWipes are available at all iStores, nationwide and come in 3 delicious fragrances that will not streak, damage or corrode all of your most loved Apple products.

Scheckter’s Organic Energy Drink

Scheckter’s OrganicEnergy drink is the worlds first Organic, Natural, Vegetarian certified energy drink that uses sustainable business practices endorsed by Fairtrade International & the only energy drink in the world cleared for consumption by professional athletes by the world anti doping body Informed-Sport.

Scheckter’s is the best tasting energy drink in the world, winning gold at the international Great Taste award twice.

Ingredients are full of antioxidants & natural vitamins: Pomegranate & Elderberry Juice, Green Tea & lightly carbonated mineral water, raw cane sugar & lemon juice, with active ingredients being raw green coffee beans, guarana & ginseng.

Twenty Fifty

Twenty Fifty is a membership-based coworking space and clubhouse with an emphasis on building a supportive community of doers working across a range of disciplines.

We believe that your work environment plays a large role in the work that you do, that's why we're located in a beautiful old building with high ceilings, right upstairs form one of the coolest cafés in Cape Town. Even so, we're more than just a shared workspace. Our emphasis is on building a community and experimenting with how we work together, inspire each other, and support one another.


Afrihost is not a story of products, strategies or market-share, but a story of friendship and determination. Afrihost is the brainchild of best friends Gian Visser, Brendan Armstrong and Peter Meintjes, who had a dream of building a company, free of corporate shackles, that would delight their clients with excellent service and amazing products.

Their vision was also to grow and nurture their employees to help them create this culture within their company. Along the way they found the missing piece to their plan, Greg Payne, who added his considerable experience and business savvy to create a perfect balance of strategy and innovation, which has made Afrihost the runaway success it is today as a premium ISP

Cameraland Cape Town

As a company that has been around for over half a century, Cameraland now brings you a unique space for you to explore your creative potential.

DISCOVER more than just a store. Let us take you on a journey.

BE INFORMED when you join one of our classes or one-on-one tutorials to help you get the most out of your purchase. From click to composition, from post-production to printing, come learn with us.STIMULATE YOUR IMAGINATION with our monthly ‘Be Inspired’ evenings, featuring leading photographers and artists; or join us on our rooftop theatre for a viewing of the latest films and documentaries on photography, art and life. Did we mention our rooftop also makes a great location for events and photo shoots?

MARVEL at the talent and creativity that is showcased in our gallery; sip a delicious cappuccino while surfing the web and browsing iconic books on photography in our 1st floor café. ADAPT to the trends when you visit our Apple store and browse the latest in Apple hardware, software and accessories. CONNECT with a store that is unlike any other, where we’re proud to push the boundaries of innovation.

Thelema Wine Vineyards

Thelema Mountain Vineyards is a family-run farm situated at on the slopes of the Simonsberg Mountain. Gyles Webb and his wife’s family bought Thelema, a charming dilapidated fruit farm, in 1983. Fruit orchards were pulled out and vines were planted. It wasn’t long before the romantic tale of a run-down old fruit farm became the success story of an avant-garde winery. By the mid 90′s Thelema’s wines sold out within a month after release, making it one of the most sought-after wine estates in South Africa.

The vineyards are situated at the top of the Helshoogte Pass with elevations that range between 370 to 480 meters above sea level. The high altitude and the deep red soils are ideal for premium quality wine grape production, resulting in flavourful, flamboyant, complex and long-lasting wines with a distinctive South African character.

Truth Coffee

First and foremost we are artisan coffee roasters. We roast coffee properly.

We select exquisite micro lots of green coffees. We then roast each one individually, to it's optimum on a vintage cast iron drum probat with modern electronics. We then blend the single origins produced for each purpose.

We want to make coffee in the cup deliver upon the promise made by the aroma of freshly ground coffee.

Spice 4 Life

SPICE4LIFE provides a network with a hub for connection & support, enabling business opportunities, empowering entrepreneurship & promoting active citizenship through positive contribution to economy, society, community, charities, NGO’s...

Splash That

Splash is the perfect tool for creating the perfect online event experience.

Splash begins with a beautiful, custom website, and is surrounded by a powerful email engine, a social inbox for capturing and curating guest photos, a full RSVP and ticket management system, mobile guest check-in functionality, as well as an array of cloud collaborative tools. Use Splash to bring your community together online, and create more meaningful and memorable in-person experiences.

Splash is everything you need to own your event from start to finish.


E-Style offer a range of products to protect and enhance mobile phones.

All products are designed and manufactured to exacting standards with strict quality control and attention to detail.

Only the best quality genuine leather is used.

Sir Juice

It all started a long time ago in a small factory in the Joburg CBD.... in 1985 to be exact. Since then a lot has happened. Sir Juice has been bought, sold, merged and finally un-merged. Today our company is a totally independent entity owned by three brothers from Kwazulu Natal and a lovely lady named Vijay Loosen. We supply most of the top restaurants, hotels and coffee shops in South Africa with that deliciously premium fruit juice that you usually only find in good restaurants. Our blending plants in Durban, Joburg and Cape Town also serve as factory shops and in the last couple of years we have started selling our juice in stores too.

The three Baker brothers have a long history of Entrepreneurial exploits ranging from butcheries, to Southern Style chicken shops, to gourmet food delivered to your home and the likes. None of these felt quite right and the humble Bakers always knew they were destined for greener pastures. It wasn’t always easy and the winds of fate often took their toll but the Baker brothers came to realise that if they tilted their hats the wind wouldn’t blow them off so easily. Soon after that they started their own fruit juice company.


Pearson is the world's leading education company.
From pre-school to high school, early learning to professional certification, our curriculum materials, multimedia learning tools and testing programmes help to educate millions of people worldwide - more than any other private enterprise.

Sleek Geek

We believe that a healthy lifestyle is the key to getting the most out of life – whether you are wanting to have more fun with your children, be able to concentrate better on your studies, be more successful in your business or simply feel better about yourself.

We approach health and fitness from a genuinely unique angle - we don’t dictate how to eat or train, but we do assist and support you anyway we can. If you are looking for a way to achieve and stay committed to your health and fitness goals – what ever they may be – then the Sleekgeek revolution will do wonders for you!

Sleekgeek is completely community driven with endless amounts of inspiration, motivation and profound camaraderie found within. Not a day goes by without someone freely stepping up to the spotlight and inspiring others. You can check in with us any time of day and find fresh discussions, mentoring and general inspirational story telling .

iPads for Lion Hearts

What happens to your old iPad after you upgrade?
#iPadsforLionhearts provides a simple social service: we collect second-hand iPads and give them a new home with a child with autism on our waiting list. iPads, along with the autism-specific apps available for download in the iTunes store, are a wonderful education tool for children that can’t cope in a traditional classroom. But for families already burdened with the cost of therapies and special needs equipment, buying an iPad is just not possible. That’s where #iPadsforLionhearts comes in.

Silicone Cape

We're a community of tech entrepreneurs, developers, creatives, angel investors, and VC's who are passionate about entrepreneurship and the roles we play in the future of South Africa.

The Silicon Cape Initiative is a non-profit, community owned and driven movement, that aims to improve the environment in the Western Cape to create more and better startups as well as increase access to capital.

Apple Domination

Apple Domination is a purely South African blog dedicated to bringing relevant Apple news, tricks and tips to the SA shores.

With links to reviews, articles, how-to and quality second hand Apple sales, it really is the one-stop site for the SA Apple consumer

Digital Express

As one of the biggest printing companies in Cape Town, our Corporate Identity is intented to reflect the respectability, excellence & success we aim to accomplish in everything we do, while at the same time conveying our dynamic spirit. Digital Express has developed strong relationships with our clients by focusing on understanding their brand, marketing strategies and the core of their business, we feel strongly that our clients are an extension of our business and endeavor at all times to treat them accordingly

Blue Berry Creatives

Since inception in 1998, we have experienced the rise and fall of Flash design, the laborious coding of custom content-managed website systems, and the changes in print media advertising. We have kept pace and aligned our services accordingly. Harnessing the impressive rise of Social Media with its sound business opportunities across diverse platforms, we help our clients enhance their brands by communicating with their customers more effectively.

Our three areas of expertise lie in the design and management of print media, web development, and social media.

Steven Johnson Cars

Steven Johnson Cars was established in 1983 in a small open car lot in Loop Street Cape Town. Steven's father Graham owned the workshop, Johnson & Du Plessis Motors, which was adjacent to the car lot in Loop Street.Although the cars that we dealt with at that time were at the cheaper end of the market, each and every one was carefully checked, prepared and serviced in our own workshop.

The standard has carried through till today. All vehicles on the floor are open to any mechanical test and all are covered by our own 30 day or 1500km guarantee which covers the car from front to rear. We also place high emphasis on customer satisfaction and every effort is made to solve any after sales service query.From Loop Street we moved to a showroom in Buitenchracht Street, Cape Town for 8 years and then to a bigger showroom in Roeland Street for a further 8 years. Since January 2002 we have put down our roots in Marine Drive, Paarden Eiland which has proven to be an excellent location and very central for accessibility.