Allen Hancock

Founder, Watchman Monitoring Inc.

Allen Hancock
Founder, Watchman Monitoring

Allen Hancock began providing support for Apple computer users in 1984.
In 2000, he founded Mac Consulting Group, Inc, based out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Mac Consulting Group grew to become the premier source for Mac support in the greater Baton Rouge/New Orleans area. In 2012, Mac Consulting Group, Inc. and Orchard Solutions LLC, merged, combining forces to provide a full-service Apple training, consulting, and retail services outlet.

In 2010 Allen founded Watchman Monitoring, Inc. and introduced our flagship product, Watchman Monitoring, a service which alerts users of impending technical issues with their Mac, Windows, or UNIX-based computers.

Watchman Monitoring provides consultants and IT administrators with peace of mind and, in many cases, an additional revenue stream.


Karen Hart

Founder, Picster Books

Karen Hart is an illustrator with a passion for making illustrated books come to life on the digital platform.

Through her training as a theatrical décor painter she is uniquely positioned to adapt existing artwork or creating unique illustrations.

Karen creates, produces and composits rich interactive book apps using the Demibooks Composer platform.
Some of the interactive book apps she has produced includes “It’s Almost Time” – EDC Kane Miller Books, “Country Mouse and City Mouse” – McGraw-Hill Education, “A is vir Aardvark” – Picsterbooks.

Karen is spearheading the iDeaf – deaf app development in partnership with the Transoranje School for the Deaf. The aim of the project is to create digital content for the South African Sign Language user of the iPad.

The Apps she is creating is for the pre-primary, foundation and intermediary phase deaf learner.
The Apps are designed for the use of Sign (deaf), Auditory (deaf) or Hard of Hearing learner for both first- and first additional language learning material.

Colin Timmis

Managing Director, Real Time Accounting

Robyn Farah

Founder, KAT-O (Kick Ass Tech Obviously)

Early years spent in JHB for before completing schooling in Cape Town
In 1995 Volunteered for Military Service after school and qualified as an Instructor
Studied at Technikon and UCT from 1996 - 2000
Qualified as Professional Accountant (SA) in 2003
Started own practice from my flat using Pastel (like every other accountant) in 2003
Married for 8 years with 2 girls
Completed 9 Comrades Marathons
Love tech, helping business owners understand there company fundamentals, doing webinars, keeping fit

Robyn Farah is the founder of KAT-O (KickAssTech-Obviously).

She completed her Masters in Interactive Sound Installations in the UK and once she moved back to her homeland (South Africa) she got involved in marketing.

The two interests began to combine which lead Robyn to start designing and creating interactive marketing campaign where responsive objects and environments expose products and companies in a unforgettable one-to-one experience.

In 2012 Robyn started ArduinoCapeTown and now along with the KAT-O team organises Tech Talks, Hack Days and courses in programming and electronics.

She has given a TEDx talk about her work, has had work published in a world renown electronics book as well as having exhibited and performed in all corners of the world.

She completed her Masters at the Sonic Arts Research Centre (SARC) in Belfast and Hons at Anglia Ruskin, Cambridge, she has connected and worked with some of the top people in the field.

Cavan Lang

ICT Network Manager, Parklands College

Michael Da Silva

Managing Member, TabletPOS

With almost a decade in the IT industry, and certifications to boot, Cavan is an expert when it comes to implementing ICT solutions for the various networks he has worked on.

Thanks to a 5 year run with Evolv Networks, Cavan gained priceless experience ranging across multiple platforms.

This allowed him to take on the role as ICT Network Manager at the Apple One-to-One Parklands College.

Parklands College uses a range of different technologies, but manages to run the core network on Apple infrastructure and solutions.

Casper has been integral in Cavan's approach to managing the network effectively, implementing a full BYOD solution, using Apple products.

Michael started his seasoned career in IT as the cable guy in 1992, but managed to work his way all the way to the top to become a partner in the IT firm he worked for.

After the firm was bought out, he continued to grow, and became the national sales manager for the group.

This allowed Michael to gain experience in the POS industry since 1992 to date, ranging from various verticals, including the Pharmaceutical, Retail, Cellular, Fuel Courts and Clothing industries.

After an opportunity arose for him to become an agent for the amazing iKentoo Hospitality POS Product, he eventually left the firm where he deveoped his experience and skills, and has grown from strength to strength.
With their first live implementation in May of 2012, they have only begun to scratch the surface in addressing the need in South Africa for a purely mobile POS solution that runs on Apple products.

Although working in the shadow of the big 5 POS vendors in South Africa, he has managed to grow his distribution to include Cape Town, Johannesburg and now Durban.

Kyle Busch

Technical Project Manager, 4Ward Design

Kyle is a seasoned veteran when it comes to supporting the Apple platform.

From supporting clients in the field at Digicape, to assisting clients in-house with training at the iStore, Kyle has groomed his career to interactting with clients on a technical level with Apple.

Kyle now acts as the Technical Project Manager at 4Ward Design, liaising directly with high-end residential clients, and setting up full home-automation with Apple Media Management solutions


Jason Norwood-Young

CEO, 10Layer

Mark Parsons

Technical Director, DigiCape

Jason Norwood-Youg is a Journo turned coder turned entrepreneur.
He's hoping to find out what he's good at eventually.

Jason is CEO of 10Layer, a software company that makes the tools newsrooms use to publish online.
10Layer's tools are used to publish Mail & Guardian and Daily Maverick.

He founded Afridocs, a non-profit collective that builds technological tools to promote free media in Africa.

Previously, Jason was head of technology at Mail & Guardian Online, deputy editor of Stuff Magazine, associate editor at ITWeb Brainstorm, and technology editor at ITWeb.

He supports a free press, free software, and freedom of speech.

In 1986 Mark started working in technical with one of the largest Apple retailers who became one of the first AppleCentres in the north west of England.

After Immigrating to JHB, South Africa, in 1994, Mark became the assistant Apple product manager with Venture Computers (then the largest Apple Distributor in RSA) who immediately shipped him back to London for two weeks to complete training that allowed him to become the first Apple Hardware trainer for Apple in the country.

In 1996, Mark moved to Cape Town and was involved with a number of other Apple dealers until the birth of Digicape in 2000.

During this time he continued his love for training and became an Apple Authorised trainer and holds many other service and support level accreditations from Apple.

Other than an Apple One, there is not a model of Apple computers that he has not worked on !!

Daniëlle Faria-Nel

Apple Certified Trainer, LabSpace

Lynette Hundermark

App Business Director, Prezence

Daniëlle studied video production and communication at Media Village Cape Town and graduated in 2001. In 2009, she completed her Apple Certified Master Pro for Final Cut Studio. In 2010, she attained recognition as both an Apple Certified Trainer and also an Adobe Certified Instructor. In 2012 she also became an Avid Certified Instructor for Media Composer.

Today, she is one of a very rare handful of professional editors accredited to train Apple, Adobe and Avid across Africa.

Over the course of her editing career in media and film, Danielle has worked on six feature films, including the major South African productions “Faith Like Potatoes” and “Hansie”, several short films and long-form documentaries, many music videos, and hundreds of TV programs (including weekly broadcasts) and commercials. Her work has taken her all across South Africa and abroad to countries such as India, Zambia, Malaysia, Sweden and the United States.

Among her other achievements, Daniëlle won the NTVA Gold Award and Avanti Award Nomination for Student (Group) Production for her work on Pressing On – The Story of Eric Hoffmeyer. She color graded the Yogi Sip Ad that won the Yogi Sip 2009 competition, and edited the PSA 'New Arrivals', receiving a VUKA Nomination.

A true geek at heart who lives and breathes mobile and digital, Lynette Hundermark, has been carving her chosen career in the IT sector for more than a decade.

Hundermark is currently Apps Business Director at one of South Africa's leading mobile, apps, and digital agencies, Prezence, where she enjoys working in the constantly evolving mobile sphere to create award winning mobile products for a wide spectrum of clients across the financial, travel, and entertainment sectors.

With an almost tangible love for most things in the mobile space, predominantly the constant evolution of the platform as it literally evolves daily, “There is always something new to learn and it never stops challenging you”.

Lynette is a regular contributor to tech articles where she compliments and critiques on gadgets and all things digital. You can also follow her on twitter @lynetteanthony.